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Two convention debuts

Elizabeth Wilner

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Politics 07.26.2016 / 14:00


Comparing global Twitter activity about the start of the 2016 presidential conventions

Using the Kantar US Elections Pulse (returning to the website after Labor Day), we’re monitoring English-language Twitter activity globally about the US presidential race and the presidential conventions specifically. Here’s what we’ve discovered in comparing the opening hours of the Democratic confab versus the GOP’s - including Twitter activity around the world from those consuming the convention programs in zones distinctly outside primetime.

Global English-language Twitter volume over the Democratic convention from midnight of the first day through 6:00 am of the morning after peaked during Sen. Bernie Sanders speech at 362,000 in the 11:00 pm hour, with 334,000 tweets in the prior, 10:00 pm hour when First Lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke. Following the 11:00 pm (partial) hour of the program, volume trailed off signficantly.

Dem convention Night One

Key Numbers

  • 362,000 peak volume for Dem convention Night #1
  • 268,000 peak volume for GOP convention Night #1

During the same period of the GOP convention, Twitter volume peaked at 268,000 during the 10:00 pm hour, which is when Melania Trump gave her well-received but ultimately controversial speech. Volume otherwise never approached that level, only coming close in the early hours of the morning after her speech as buzz really heated up over similarities between her remarks and Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech.

GOP convention Night One

In both cases, though, unscripted or unanticipated aspects of the day and night helped drive volume. Wildly enthusiastic support for Sanders and opposition to the Democratic ticket from his diehard delegates, and buzz around reports that Russia's government or even Vladimir Putin himself might be behind the leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee, sent those terms soaring in the ranks of the top-tweeted. During the early stretch of the GOP convention, Melania Trump's name was by far the top-tweeted term.

Dem Night One top terms

The Twitter audience for the Democratic convention so far has been considerably younger than that for the GOP convention: of those tweeting about #DemsinPhilly, 29% were age 20-34, 25% were age 35-49, and 37% were age 50+. For the same timeframe of #GOPinCLE, 19% were age 20-34 while 54% were age 50+.



Source: Kantar

Editor's Notes

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