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#deflategate still dominates Super Bowl Twitter buzz

Priscilla Parker

Editor, Kantar US Pulse

Social 01.31.2015 / 02:30


Katy Perry fans willing to put up with a little football

Two days before the biggest sporting event in America, the majority of talk about it on Twitter is still about the New England Patriots' allegedly deflated footballs during their AFC Championship game, dubbed #deflategate. Per Kantar's US Pulse, there is negative sentiment about the deflation and lots of comments about the Patriots' history of cheating. Still, the team has tried-and-true fans urging them on.

The Seattle Seahawks also are being cheered on, and the sentiment is pretty positive. Many have commented on how they were rated an "F" in fantasy football in 2012 and how that compares with the quality of their play for the past two years.

There is also a lot of anticipation of the halftime show to be headlined Katy Perry, with today's chatter inspired by the invitation she made to Missy Elliott to perform with her. Many of the singer's fans have said that they're looking forward to the Katy Perry show with a little football happening around it.

Source: Kantar

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