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iPhone7 Fuels Jump in US OS Share

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales continue to show strength

Focus on India: Smartphone Market Analysis

Expanding 4G services stimulate domestic sales.

Woman using smartphone on tube
A Decade of Smartphone Growth Fizzles. What's Next?

Smartphone sales dropped 2% in major global markets last year

AI Steals the Spotlight at Mobile World Congress

More visitors, competitiveness and cool devices at MWC; but service providers are lagging behind.

MWC 2013 attendees
Samsung Focuses on New Goodies for Installed Base

Launch of new Galaxy S8 and S8+ comes after some pressure regarding the previous model

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Apple saw gains across most global markets.
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Apple and Google face no real challengers.
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The mobile phone majors have all faced considerable challenges and criticism.
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Apple finished 2016 as the top smartphone brand in Great Britain and the US.
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Consumers prefer a stable rate when it comes to rewards.

The retailer is counting on traditional media for its biggest sales day

Amazon is looking to top last year's success and lock in loyalty.

Using a phone while driving is only viewed as moderately dangerous to many

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