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Here's How Amazon Will Disrupt the Pharmacy Space

Is the idea of Amazon as the next pharmacy giant more hype than reality?

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These Retailers Will Win the Holiday Shopping Season

The divide between 'have' and 'have not' shoppers will define the season.

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H-E-B: How to Tackle the Titan of Texas

H-E-B is one of the top five grocery retailers in the U.S., with nearly $22 billion in sales .

Three Reasons Publix is Best in Class

Good things happen when you put shoppers first

Privately putting patients first

As the healthcare sector focuses on patients and caregivers as primary health decision-makers, privacy guidelines become more challenging to meet

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Brands want to contribute more to your life

Seven out of ten brand marketers want to deliver something of value beyond their products and services

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American leads the world in obesity and metabolic diseases
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Both retailers could benefit from each other’s assets.
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Amazon looks to reach deeper into consumers' lives.
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Vitamin consumers get their information from print publications.
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Is the idea of Amazon as the next pharmacy giant more hype than reality?

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